Welcome to Hacker Labs B.B.S.

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    Welcome to the Hacker Labs B.B.S.

    Welcome to the Hacker Labs B.B.S.
    This site is a archive of much H/P/V/A (Hacking, Phreaking, Viruses and Anarchy) information, some from as far back as the 1970's.

    While by no means is this collection close to complete, I have worked to make it as diverse as possible.

    As of Aug 2009, this site will no longer be updated. The site is preserved as it was when the project was ended. I decided to end this project in order to pursue other interests.

    Hacker Labs B.B.S.: Pages List

    List of available content in Hacker Labs B.B.S.:

    Available Content Categories

     Anarchy - Weapons 
     Pirate Radio / TV 
     Lock Picking 
     Anarchy - Jollyroger No longer updated.
    167 Files

     Hardware Hacking - Playstation All console playstations (PSX, PS2, and PS3)

     Hardware Hacking - Gameboy 
     Hardware Hacking - NES / SNES 
     Hardware Hacking - Xbox 
     Hardware Hacking - Dreamcast 
     Hardware Hacking - PSP 
     Pagan / Occult 
     Hacking - Remote Admin 
     Hacking - Encryption 

     Phreaking - Old No longer updated.
    Files collected pre 2008.
    180 files
     Erotica / Sex - Fantasy / Sci-fi 
     Erotica / Sex - Underage Anything that involves minors that don't belong in other catagories.
     Erotica / Sex - Rape 
     Zines - Patriot No longer updated.
    202 Files.
     Politics - Older Files Older files, many from the BBS days. Modern files are in their own section
    31 Files.
    Note: This section no longer updated regularly.
     Erotica / Sex 
     Erotica / Sex - How Tos 
     Hardware Hacking - Gamecube 
     Pagan / Occult - Holidays 
     Pagan / Occult - Lyrics 
     Apple / Mac - old No longer updated.
    Files collected pre-2008.
    1075 files
     Zines - Fuck No longer updated.
    612 Files.
     FOIA Docs. How to use FOIA.
     Zines - ABBA No longer updated
    8 Files.
     Zines - Cracking 101 No longer updated.
    5 Files.
     Zines - LPH 
     Zines - LOD/H Technical Journal No longer updated.
    5 files.
     Cable - Old No longer updated
    Older files about Cable T.V. collected pre 2008
    76 files.
     _Hacker Labs B.B.S. Files related to the Hacker Labs B.B.S.
     _Hacker Labs - Press Releases 
     Drugs - Trip Reports 
     Drugs - Pot 
     Drugs - DXM 
     Zines - Phrack 
     Steal This Wiki In support of our anarchist brothers and sisters over at stealthiswiki.org, we go and clean up articles there on a semi-regular basis, then we post a copy of it here.

    "This content is taken from the StealThisWiki (http://www.stealthiswiki.org project, and is distributed here under the terms of the GNU FDL."
     Zines - Capital of Nasty Electronic Magazine 183 files.
    No longer updated
     Zines - YIPL 
     Hacking - Ethics No longer updated
     Drugs - Shrooms 
     Zines - InterFace 
     Zines - Unplastic News 
     Zines - Blastfamy 
     CrimeThInc - Days of War, Nights of Love The source material for Crime ThInc's book Days of War, Nights of Love.
    21 Files.
    This section is no longer updated.
     Zines - Ace 
     Zines - SHiT 
     Gaming Guides - GBA 
     Gaming Guides - SNES 

    Non Categorized Content


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