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All Good Things…

After running ‘A Wizards Words’ for 2 yars I have decided to retire it. I enjoy blogging, however I went into this blog viewing it as a personal blog and a seperate part of my overall website. However it never took off or shaped up how I expected so it’s time to move it into the archives and start on a new blogging project.

Keep a eye on The Wizard’s Sanctum Sanctorum for more updates.

‘Goosebumps’ as daredevil jumps from edge of space –

One step, 128,100 feet, and millions of amazed gasps.In a moment that seems likely to live forever in the annals of derring-do, Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner on Sunday rode a balloon to the edge of space, saluted and stepped off a platform 24 miles high with as much ease as any of us mere mortals might step off a curb.

via 'Goosebumps' as daredevil jumps from edge of space –

SleepTiming: Sleep Calculator

SleepTiming: Sleep Calculator

Discovered this site the other day. It tells you, based on when your going to bed the ideal time to wake up based on how long it takes you to fall asleep (for me its 7 minutes) and your sleep cycle (for me and most average people its 90 minutes).

How does it work? I’ll let their ‘explain’ page answer that:

Sleep is divided into several phases, including REM and deep sleep. We progress through these stages in cycles, each complete cycle taking on average 90 minutes. There is huge difference about how we feel after waking up depending on the stage we are in at the moment. We feel most refreshed waking up at the top of the cycle, whereas if the alarm clock wakes us up from deep sleep, we may feel groggy and not well rested, no matter how long we slept.

Since I started using this site to determine when to set my alarm I find I am waking up more refreshed and energetic on less sleep.

Got a call from A today, needing a ride from work back to his house. I picked him up and drove him home.

Snapped these two pictures. The first is the moon agenst a lovely blue sky. A few minutes later I was a few blocks away driving home and hit some nasty rain followed by the second pic. A few more blocks later it was decent again. Florida weather is strange…

Sky – 2011.11.07 by ~jedite83 on deviantART

Sky 2 – 2011.11.07 by ~jedite83 on deviantART