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The Journal of Urban Exploration

Over th last few weeks I have been looking into Urban Exploration (Urbex or UE for short) and have started a online news paper, The Journal of Urban Exploration, to cover the topic.

The Journal of Urban Exploration is published dayley by an automated system that finds Urbex articles around the net and reposts them here.

You can either subscribe to the paper (for free of course) and have it delivered to your email inbox every mornng or just follow me on Twitter

Still alive

Hey everyone, just want to let every one know that I’m still here.

You may have noticed that there haven’t been a lot of updates to the website. I haven’t lost interest, but am working on refocusing the site. Regular visitors know that I do this every few years to keep the site fresh and to keep up with my current interests.
I have already moved some old projects to the archives.

Check out the demo for my 1st game

As some of you may know, I have been wanting to design a video game for a long while.
After years of planning and weeks fo work, I am proud to announce the demo of the first level of my new first person shooter: Zombie Base Shootout.

Download the demo here.

Once the file downloads run the ‘ZBS-demo.exe’ file to automatically uncompress the game and then run the file ‘ZBS.exe’ to play the game.


Stuff No One Told Me: My sporadic obsessions.

Video games – Growing up I was a huge video gamer. Had the NEs, SNES, N64, Game boy (original, pocket, color, SP and the DS), PlayStation and the PlayStation 2.
Check out the Video Games category.

Web Design – Stating at about age 7 or 8 I started to teach myself web design from how-to magazine articles from a local free computer mag. For my birthday that year I got webhosting. I got more into it in high school and studied it in college.
See: A brief history of The Wizard’s Sanctum Sanctorum.

The time I was a hippy (unedited).

My time with community theatre, with pictures.

Astronomy – since rediscovering the fun of astronomy I have gotten back into it pretty hardcore. I have talked about it here and am setting up a ‘hub’ page for all my astronomy stuff that’s to come.

8 Years and looking forward

A Wizard’s Words | Jedite’s Book of Shadows | Astronomy | Archives

I remember 8 years ago, walking into a local webhosting company, ploping down my money to buy a domain name and 3 months hosting. Several idea changed, site redesigns, new sections added, retired sections archived and removed. At times I was easly spending 30 – 40 hours a weeks on updating and tweeking the site. Now I spend a few hours doing updates as needed.

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Still alive

Hey everyone. Jedite83 here letting you all know that I am still alive and am working on some new and exciting projects.

Pagan Studies – I am still working on y studies, but as of late have been using different resources for my info, other then just Witch School. A lot of my recent work on the site has been in my Book of Shadows.

A Wizard Speaks – I will be doing more videos in the near future. My plan is to do them in ‘bursts’ of 3-4 videos each. Each burst will focus on one or two topics.

A Wizards Words – I ave been working on the blog a lot also, even if just behind the scenes. I am working on developing / implementing a new way to categorize and tag my posts so info is easier to find. I also went and submitted a lot of pages to StumbleUpon to help increase visibility.

Jedite’s Book of Shadows – I also went and submitted a lot of pages to StumbleUpon to help increase visibility.