Dad’s doing worse

As i wrote erler, we took dad to the hospital due to pain from his cancer. They ran much needed tests (ones the VA was dragging their feet on) And we found out the cancer had spread… alot. After a few days they started radiation treatments but as the cancer quickly progressed it became clear that there is no way for him to beet it. After 2 weeks in the hospital the y moved him to a hospice for his last weeks.

I went to see him a few hours ago at the hospice. He has lost a lot of mussel mas and weight. He has little movement of his left side and the right is getting worse. He is confined to his bed. He has been asking mom to bring him pictures and take pictures of things he wants to see. He knows hes got little time left, but seems to be in good spirits, all things considered. While we were visiting mom went to find him some apple juice and he looked at me and told me to take care of mom and the wife. I told him I would and I’ll make sure everything is ok. At one point he apologized for not saying ‘I Love You’ enough. Mom reassured him that we always know he loved us.

It’s terrible to see him like this. I remember just a few months ago, before he went tot he doctor the first time he was doing well, working hard and active. Now, jus ta few weeks later hes wasted away, suffering and knows the end is near.

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