A week later

Dad passed away a week ago last Sunday (2012.12.16) at 0730.

Hanging on and moving

Dads doing worse. His brothers came back down from Washington to say their goodbyes and see him one last time.  He’s awake less and less and he has stopped taking liquids (he hasn’t eaten solid food in weeks.)
We have been working on moving out of our crappy apartment and into my moms house. This is mentioned to help her deal with my dads inevitable passing and to help her pay the bills while we will free up some cash so we are no longer living paycheck to paycheck.

Dad’s doing worse

As i wrote erler, we took dad to the hospital due to pain from his cancer. They ran much needed tests (ones the VA was dragging their feet on) And we found out the cancer had spread… alot. After a few days they started radiation treatments but as the cancer quickly progressed it became clear that there is no way for him to beet it. After 2 weeks in the hospital the y moved him to a hospice for his last weeks.

I went to see him a few hours ago at the hospice. He has lost a lot of mussel mas and weight. He has little movement of his left side and the right is getting worse. He is confined to his bed. He has been asking mom to bring him pictures and take pictures of things he wants to see. He knows hes got little time left, but seems to be in good spirits, all things considered. While we were visiting mom went to find him some apple juice and he looked at me and told me to take care of mom and the wife. I told him I would and I’ll make sure everything is ok. At one point he apologized for not saying ‘I Love You’ enough. Mom reassured him that we always know he loved us.

It’s terrible to see him like this. I remember just a few months ago, before he went tot he doctor the first time he was doing well, working hard and active. Now, jus ta few weeks later hes wasted away, suffering and knows the end is near.

Dads in the Hospital

Monday morning (2am) to be exact we took dad to the ER. HE was in a lot of pain and needed something for it.
After a bunch of bloodwork, xrays and a CT scan they found his left lung (the one with the tumor) was filled with fluid.
LAter in the day, after being moved from the ER to a actual room, he had more testing, and the doctor removed over 2 liters of fluid from his lung.
Wendsday dad started the day of good. he was able to eat some solid food and was feeling better. Then the doc gave him a large dose of pain killer (oxycodone i beleave) and he pretty much OD’d on the stuff. The rest of the day was rough n him and mom who had to try to keep him awake as he kept tring to pass out where his breathing would get very shallow.

Needless to say that there has been a lot of stress and sleepless nights and I’m sure more to come but hopefully he is going to be out of the woods soon and able to get home and on with treatment.


Dads not doing so well.
Sense my last post he has had numerous doctors appointments and tests. Still no biopsy or plan for treatment. From what I have been told the prognosis is 6 – 24 months.

Dad’s brothers flew down from Olympia Washington this weeks to see him.

He has had to stop working, so now my parents have no income. hopefully they can get unemployment or social security or something to help pay the bills. The wife and I have considered moving in with them to help pay for the bills.

He has asked that his ashes be sent up to Washington to be scattered int eh same river that both of his parents were.